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MIDNIGHT - Discography

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Singles & EPs

White Hot Fire

My Mind's Eye Records, Outlaw Recordings, Shifty Records - 2004

341 copies total pressed, all on black vinyl with black sleeve. This was a three way joint release. 


There are six copies that were signed by Athenar before they were sent out, and there were no test pressings made for the 7".

Shifty Records invited MIDNIGHT the day before this recording to use studio time that was booked for another band that had cancelled.  Athenar wrote the music and recorded these two tracks the next day.

White Hot Fire features guitar solos by Terry Hanchin and Mark Gibbs, the only original MIDNIGHT studio recordings not entirely played by Athenar.


  • side A:  White Hot Fire

  • side B:  Endless Slut

Slay the Spits

My Mind's Eye Records - 2007

Unknown number of copies pressed mostly Black vinyl but some also pressed on Grey Marble vinyl.

Features covers of 4 songs by The Spits. 


  • side A: 

    • Nuclear Bomb

    • ​Black Kar​

  • side B: 

    • Rat Face

    • Shitty World

Farewell To Hell

Nuclear War Now! Productions - 2008

This was a 10" vinyl with 6 new songs included.

First pressing:

  • Black vinyl: 800 copies total pressed, includes embossed sleeves with poster/lyric insert

  • Clear vinyl: 200 copies were "die hard" editions on Clear vinyl w/ bonus picture disc 45 including a Pagans cover song and Unholy & Rotten live. The picture disc 45 was modeled after the "Immortals of Metal" singles that were done on Megaforce in the 80's, there were two picture discs on that series, Venom and Mercyful Fate!

  • Test Press: 5 copies on black vinyl, numbered on labels, no artwork.

Second Pressing (2010):

  • Clear vinyl: 500 copies on clear vinyl. Non-embossed sleeve. Includes poster insert.

CD Pressing:

  • 2000 copies total.

Cassette Pressing (2017):

  • Eviscerated Records pro tape pressing of the classic MIDNIGHT 6-song EP, originally on Nuclear War Now..

First Pressings with Embossed covers:
Test Pressing:
Die Hard 7" Pic Disk:
Tejano Tour March 6-7 2010

Rescued From Life Records - 2010

Midnight / Nun Slaughter split 7" vinyl sold on their Texas 2010 tour.    


Features a live version of "On The Wings of Satan".

  • 100 copies in total pressed with silk-screened gatefold covers

  • 70 copies pressed on black vinyl

  • 30 copies pressed on yellow vinyl (some copies found with black swirls)

  • 5 test press copies, black vinyl small hole 45 with white hand labeled sleeves

  • 1 Acetate pressed as a 10"


  • side A - Nunslaughter: 

    • Cryptic Aeon

    • Raid The Convent​

  • side B - Midnight: 

    • On The Wings of Satan

Farewell To Metal Slut (Japan Tour 2010)

Outlaw Recordings - 2010

This split single with Abigail from Japan was released to be sold and help fund the Japan tour the two bands did together in 2010. The splatter versions were only sold on the road in Japan. The black vinyl versions were available via mail order in the US, and had a "punch out" style center hole like the old UK singles used to have. All copies were numbered kinda "secret style" on the inner sleeves. The Midnight song on here is a cover of Quiet Riot "Slick Black Cadillac", the 1979 version!

  • Black vinyl: 300 copies pressed. Includes a Japanese style 'insert cover' which is a two sided 7"x7" with credits/information on back. The black vinyl copies come with a "UK punch out" style center hole, and numbered #201-500. These copies were sold through mail order and made available to the general public.

  • Splatter vinyl: 200 copies pressed with bonus "shinkishi" autographed card.

  • Promo edition: 20 copies were made with "Promo Copy 666" stamped on sleeve.

  • Promo Copy Breakdown:
    10 copies were on splatter vinyl with real shinkishi autographed insert.
    9 copies were on splatter vinyl with xeroxed shinkishi autographed insert.
    1 copy was on black vinyl with a mispressed center (not punched out) and a blank shinkishi card.

  • Test Press: 15 copies pressed on splatter vinyl & custom sleeves.

  • Extra Test Press: 5 copies on splatter vinyl. These copies did not include the custom sleeves. Of the 5 copies only 2 copies had black labels (appears to a factory error).

  • 10" Acetate: 1 made, cut on a 10" lacquer but the grooves are 7" size, which is how they cut them to make the plates.


  • side A - Midnight: 

    • Slick Black Cadillac

  • side B - Abigail: 

    • Teen Age Metal Fuck

Toxic Holocaust / Midnight

Relapse Records - 2011 

Released as a split (with Toxic Holocaust) benefit release for Japan after the tsunami disaster, featuring the song "Destroy Tsunami's Power". 

First pressing:

  • 1000 copies total pressed on white vinyl

  • 10 test press copies made



  • side A - Toxic Holocaust: 

    • A.T.O.M.I.C.

  • side B - Midnight: 

    • On The Wings of Satan

USA Violates Australia 2013

No Label - 2013 

The 7" single includes two exclusive cover songs:  Mistreater "Hell's Fire" and Taipan "Breakout".

  • 100 copies pressed, all with plain white blank labels and in a xeroxed fold over sleeve numbered on the back. All were sold in NZ/Australia during the 2013 tour.  

  • 10 unnumbered 'Band copies'.

  • 5 Test Press copies with an 'off white' label, some in sleeves and/or with hand written labels.


  • side A: 

    • Breakout

  • side B: 

    • Hell's Fire

Too Loud (For The Crowd)

Decibel Flexi Series - 2014

The 7" flexi single includes a cover from Venom "Too Loud (For The Crowd)". This was included in September 2014 issue of Decibel Magazine, No. 119.


  • side A: 

    • Too Loud (For The Crowd)

Midnight / Shitfucker

Hells Headbangers - 2015

This 7" single is a split featuring Midnight & Shitfucker. 


  • MIDNIGHT side recorded at Bad Back Studios, Cleveland, Ohio 2015.

  • SHITFUCKER side recorded at Mercenary Studios, Avon, Ohio 2015.

  • Black Vinyl 7" (unknown)

  • Red opaque vinyl edition limited to 222 copies. Issued with a printed insert.

  • Test Pressing - 10 copies


  • side A - Midnight: 

    • Sadist Sodomystic Seducer

  • side B - Shitfucker:

    • Nightmare (pt. 2)

Shox Of Violence

Hells Headbangers - 2016

12" EP featuring four new songs. 


​First vinyl pressing:

  • Black vinyl: Unknown quantity 

  • Clear w/ Black & Red Splatter vinyl: unknown

  • Red/Black/Yellow Striped vinyl: 250 copies German flag edition

  • Test Press: 10 copies pressed

Repressings (2017 - 2019):

  • White with Black and Oxblood Splatter: Unknown quantity 

  • 10" Picture Disc: 1000 copies pressed.


  • side A:

    • Death Scream

    • Who Gives A Fuck?

  • side B:

    • Ready For Destruction

    • Groin Gripper

Midnight / Professor Black

Stressball RecordsUnder Watchful Eyes - 2018

Collaboration between Professor Black and Midnight. 

A1 Too P**k To Fuck

  • Drums, Guitar, Bass – Chris Black

  • Lead Guitar – Commandor Vanik

  • Vocals – Athenar

B1 No Class

  • Bass – Athenar

  • Drums – SS (9)

  • Guitar – Commander Vanik

  • Vocals – Chris Black

  • Written By – Motörhead


Pressing Info:

  • Black vinyl Standard Edition: 300 copies pressed. Comes With Card Stock Insert.

  • Black Gold Foil Cover Edition: 100 copies pressed for the Professor Black show at Cobra Lounge on 3/31/18.

  • Clear  vinyl: 100 copies with triple panel sleeve wrapped around standard sleeve with insert and sticker. Edition "Motorschool" spoof sleeve exclusive for Record Boy in Japan.

  • Clear with Black & Red Splatter vinyl: 96 copies pressed. Comes in 21x28 die cut upside down cross sleeve over standard sleeve with insert. Hand numbered sticker on mylar outer sleeve.

  • Test Press: 25 copies pressed. Comes with alternative cover standard cover. Comes with insert.


  • side A:

    • Too P**k To Fuck

  • side B:

    • No Class (live)

Rebirth By Blasphemy

Metal Blade Records - 2019

Debut 7" single on Metal Blade.

  • "Rebirth By Blasphemy" mastered at Audioseige.

  • "Afterbirth" is an instrumental track and was mastered at BrainChild Recording Studios. 


​Pressing Info:

  • Black vinyl: 300 copies with hand numbered sticker on shrink wrap. 

  • Clear vinyl: 200 copies pressed.

  • Red  vinyl: 200 copies pressed.

  • Silver vinyl: 150 copies pressed.

  • Purple vinyl: 150 copies pressed. Most were sold on tour. 


  • side A:

    • Rebirth By Blasphemy

  • side B:

    • Afterbirth

Metal Massacre XV

Metal Blade Records - 2021

"In 1982, Metal Blade Records put out its first release: 'Metal Massacre', a compilation album that included Metallica, Ratt, and many other influential artists. Metal Blade released 'Metal Massacre XV' on May 21st - and continuing with the legacy of the first album - the collection once again contained a sampling of contemporary heavy metal, curated by Decibel Magazine's Albert Mudrian."

  • Features new Midnight song "Masked And Deadly."


​Pressing Info:

  • Black vinyl: unknown. 

  • Gray Marbled vinyl: 550 copies pressed.

  • Night Blue Marbled vinyl: 200 copies pressed.

  • Purple / Black Melt vinyl: 100 copies pressed.

  • Test Press: 1 known to exist, but unknown as to how many were pressed.

Purple / Black Melt Vinyl: 100 pressed
Test Press Vinyl: unknown number pressed
Midnight Vs Dinkumoil

MetalBayonet Records - 2024

Here is a collab between Athenar and China's heavy metal artist Carl Tian from Dinkumoil


The lead singers went all out and penned tracks named after each other's hometowns. Midnight's laying down a track called "Beijing," while Dinkumoil's repping with one named "Cleveland." 


'Midnight (US) + Dinkumoil (CHN)' - 12" Vinyl

Limited to 300 Black 12" Vinyl copies. Released in China via MetalBayonet Records. 

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