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MIDNIGHT - Discography

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Complete And Total Fucking Midnight

My Mind's Eye Records, Outlaw Recordings, Shifty Records - 2005

1000 CD copies total pressed.

This was a three way joint release CD, it is a compilation of the first three releases plus four new songs.

From S/T Mini LP (2003):

  • Funeral Bell    

  • All Hail Hell    

  • Servant Of No One    

  • Unholy And Rotten    

  • I Am Violator    

  • Hot Graves    

  • Long Live Death

From 7" (2004):

  • White Hot Fire    

  • Endless Slut    

From Unreleased 12" EP (2004):

  • Lord In Chains    

  • Strike Of Midnight    

  • Take You To Hell    

  • On The Wings Of Satan    

From 7" Comp:

  • Turn Up The Hell    

Previously Unreleased:

  • Death Sentence

Complete And Total Fucking Midnight

Nuclear War Now! Productions - 2006

First pressing:
1000 copies total pressed, 200 of them on grey/pink vinyl. All copies came in gatefold sleeves with glossy inner sleeves too.

Second pressing (done in 2010):
500 copies total pressed, 100 of them on red vinyl. All copies came in gatefold sleeves, no inner sleeves.

CD pressing:
2000 copies total.

This was a vinyl/CD reissue of the CD comp from 2005 with 5 more demo cover songs added on.  There are substantial differences between the first and second pressing, the colors on cover, and back cover/gatefold layouts are totally different.  The second pressing is sometimes known as the "McDonalds pressing" because of the McDonalds-esque color scheme!

First Pressing:
Second Pressing:
Test Pressing:
Berlin Is Burning

Nuclear War Now! Productions - 2009


Side A tracks taken from Demo 2003
Side B tracks taken from Demo 2004
except "Berlin Is Burning" recorded in 2009

Released to coincide with the NWN! festival in Berlin and various other European shows

First pressing:

  • 500 copies total pressed as a picture disc 

  • 5 test pressing copies, white discs numbered with NWN stickers

Second Pressing:

  • 500 copies total pressed on regular LPs

  • 200 of those copies were on blue vinyl

  • This features one new demo song "Berlin is Burning" along with the demos recorded in 2009 for songs that ended up on other releases.

First Pressing:
Test Pressing:
Second Pressing:
Complete And Total Hell

Hells Headbangers - 2012

A reissue of the "Complete and Total Midnight" compilation with some track variations and in a different sleeve.

  • Tracks A1 to B1: Funeral Bell 12".

  • Tracks B2 and B3: White Hot Fire 7".

  • Tracks A1 to C3: Complete And Total Fucking Midnight 2xLP/CD.

  • Track C3: Outbreak Of Evil Vol. 2 7".

  • Tracks C4 to D3 Farewell To Hell 10"/CD.

  • Track D4: Berlin Is Burning LP/Picture LP.

LP pressing info:

  • Black vinyl: unknown

  • Silver vinyl: unknown

  • Red vinyl: 100 copies for Japan, only sold via Record Boy in Tokyo!

  • Test press: 6 copies, white labels with numbered HHR stickers on labels

Repressing info (2014-2018):

  • Silver with black splatter: unknown

  • Silver vinyl: unknown

  • Gold vinyl: unknown

  • Clear - Black/Grey splatter: 800 copies

Cassette Pressing:

  • unknown number of copies

CD Pressing:

  • unknown number of copies

First Pressing Japan:
Second Pressing:
Shox Of Violence

Hells Headbangers - 2017


Compilation CD in jewelcase with 16-page booklet, containing 4 new studio tracks.

  • Tracks 1-4 are new recordings. Recorded and mixed at Mercenary Studio.

  • Track 5 is taken from the 2015 Midnight / Shitfucker EP.

  • Track 6 is taken from the 2015 Summoning The Hounds Of Hell compilation LP.

  • Track 7 is taken from the 2015 Deceibel Flexi Series EP.

  • Track 8 is taken from the 2014 Whispers Through The Black Veil compilation LP.

  • Tracks 9 and 10 are taken from the 2013 USA Violates Australia 2013 EP.

  • Track 11 is taken from the 2011 Satanic Royalty LP.

  • Tracks 12 and 13 are taken from the 2008 Farewell To Hell Picture Disc.

  • Track 14 is taken from the 2010 Nunslaughter / Midnight ‎– Tejano Tour March 6-7 2010 EP.

  • Track 15 is taken from the 2010 Midnight / Abigail - Farewell To Metal Slut (Japan Tour 2010) EP.

  • Tracks 16-19 are taken from the 2007 Slay The Spits EP.

  • Tracks 20-25 are taken from the 2006 Complete And Total Fucking Midnight LP.

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